Monday morning blues – no way!

So yesterday was day one of the operational section of the Growing Talent Associates journey.  I think I was more nervous than the Associates!  Like a new mum at the school gates waiting to see if their child liked their first day at school!

Would the Associates like their sites, teams and employers?  Would they have the ‘Monday morning blues’?  Of course not!  What was I thinking.

7am dawned with a text from Joshua ‘just wanted to say a big thank you for this opportunity, because it feels good to finally wake to go to work on a Monday morning’.  This made me realise just how much, those of us with paid employment, take our jobs for granted and what a huge impact on someone’s self-esteem when they aren’t working.

Later in the day I had a meeting with Rosie on the elements of social media I didn’t even know existed, let alone thought about.  ‘Linking strategies’, ‘Rule of Thirds’, ‘Tweet Rules’, ‘Google Analytics’ the list goes on!

With my mind reeling from so much information, I had a lovely chat with Daoud on his first day with Harrow Green – all good!

Mitchell popped in mid-morning to receive his trophy from Jon Barnes here at PwC’s offices.  Mitchell was part of A Better Place – the winning idea from Friday’s Social Enterprise ideas.  Due to a long standing volunteering engagement Mitchell couldn’t be present but his hard work supporting and collaborating with his team mates – Sinead, Joshua and Michael didn’t go unrecognised!

Mitchell and Jon

Following my final minute taking duties for the Energy Team i ended the day reflecting on what a fab Monday it had been!