Like most people at this time of year, I’ve been hit by the dreaded ‘bad cold’ – as if there was a good version?  Why is it this common germ has the power to reduce us to shivering wrecks?  After ‘plenty of fluids and rest’ I’m now back to 80% capacity.  which is just as well – I have site visits next week.

The Growing Talent Associates are thriving.  I’m hearing nothing but good things from their managers.  Above and beyond support including Daoud who sprained his ankle over the weekend but still managed to get to and stay at work on Monday! The power of mind over matter – puts my cold into touch!

The Latimer Vibe part of Growing Talent is just over a week away – yikes!  Health Nutrition Bites are booked to do their workshop on healthy lunches, energising snacks, the manager is booked to deliver the personal finance workshop and the H&S expert is primed to deliver – fitness without the gym.  Leaving me to deliver the two day mental health first aid certificate course and wellbeing workshops.  Although exhausting, this is my favourite part of Growing Talent.  All the Associates come back together for the first times since the Orientation Week to share their experiences and support each other.

The website seems to be running well although we do need to get more exposure.  A meeting with the media team tomorrow should help!