Growing Talent 6…..

We have a full page advertorial running in the Evening Standard on 11 June.  This is to target employers to let them know about the innovative way to confidently recruit new talent into their business – Growing Talent!

Evening standard paper

Of course, it wasn’t until the space was booked, budget secured, draft text and photos produced that we realised we needed to have a Growing Talent running within a couple of weeks of the ad’s appearance!  Otherwise, new employers wouldn’t put their jobs with us!

So, being flexible, adaptable and completely unflappable!, Growing Talent 5 completes 24 July, whilst Growing Talent 6 commences on 29 June. Juggling balls springs to mind!

All 11 participants, known as Growing Talent Associates, are still on Growing Talent 5 and are doing really well.  Alenchenu has already secured his role – the employer wants to employ him from 1st June.  Just shows the integrity of employers partnering Growing Talent.  They can keep Growing Talent Associates on site for a full 12 weeks before employing them. Just shows what great talent is out there amongst the unemployed once a little support, encouragement and polishing takes place!

For Growing Talent 6 – we have three jobs in already for regional offices within Pertemps and the notice only went out yesterday!  We also have a banner ad running across The Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail from 29 May thanks to Web Windows Marketing who composed the ad below.  What are your thoughts?

Exciting, busy times for Growing Talent.  Mental Health and well being workplace programmes also seem to be growing in demand.  Just written a bespoke one hour workshop for Board members of a national organisation to raise awareness and start a big conversation on mental health in their business.  Potential for this to turn into an on-going contract.  Everything crossed!

Also preparing for another 3 hour bespoke mental health programme for a leading hospitality organisation aimed at their managers.

Whilst on Twitter I saw the a great sign which went something along the lines of:

‘Work you don’t care about is stress.

Work you do care about is passion’!

How very true!


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