Did you always think the customer came first?………..

Trawling through Linked In, I came across this posted by Cassie Spring.  It struck me how true it is.


The sales training I’ve undergone over the years  has always been the customer comes first.  The customer is always right.  The focus is on the customer experience.  Nothing about treatment of employees.


I’d always question the customer being right all of the time.  After all, customers are human beings and no human being is right all the time – no matter how much I believe I am!


When we break it down, if employees feel valued, are empowered to participate in the team/company’s growth they will automatically be inspired to deliver a valuable service to our customers.


The quote Cassie posted makes perfect sense.  It’s a ‘no brainer’ and valuing employees should the core strand of a business’s DNA.


By treating our employees with dignity, respect and valuing their opinions and contributions our customers will automatically get a great service and come back to you in the future.


A reputation takes years to build an seconds to destroy.  Why not put our people before profits?  It’s a sure-fire formula to see our profits grow.



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