There’s a fine line……………..

In communication between perception and reality – what really happened vs what we think happened!


There’s an equally fine line between how we portray ourselves as assertive and how we come across as aggressive!


Two subtle yet core areas of communication that can break what was previously a strong relationship,


One employer, spoke with  a member of another organisation without following the protocol of going through me.  The employer felt they were assertive whereas they came across as aggressive to the other party!  Each has a different belief of what happened during that conversation.


The result is a breakdown in a relationship built over two years, a bad light portrayed on a programme which has seen over 70 people into employment and a lot of bridges to repair for me!


So, please remember for every action there is a reaction.  How you feel you may come across isn’t necessarily how you do.  Lastly, reflect back on the conversation.  Make sure you are in agreement on what was said.


The simple tips above will save a whole lot of work later!



Recruit a different way………………..

As part of the preparation for my presentation to an employers forum later this month, I decided to do a comparison of the key stages and costs between Growing Talent and traditional recruitment.


As you can see from the table above, the results are clearly in favour of recruiting via Growing Talent.  Time and money is saved and matches made are sustainable.  None of the Associates who completed Growing Talent and moved into permanent employment has returned to benefits according to JobCentre Plus’s records.


There are multiple benefits including the orientation week, holistic week, employer selection and training before hiring, dedicated mentors, Mental Health First Aider, personal finance, fitness, nutrition training that traditional recruitment doesn’t offer.


All of this at zero cost to he hiring employer.


So why aren’t more employers recruiting using Growing Talent?


Any thoughts?

Don’t ask…….don’t get – the power of partnerships

With budget cuts and staff restructuring, it’s always difficult identifying, building and sustaining lasting business relationships.  Even more so in the public sector where new joiners generally receive a one year only renewable contract!


Running Growing Talent, I have a solid foundation of central managers from JobCentre Plus supporting the programme who know it very well.  The testing times come when local personnel get involved with little time to understand it.


A unique situation arose this week.  For the first time a Growing Talent Associate will be going into an international role.  A passport is critical.  How does someone who has been unemployed for a decade plus afford passport photos, let along the passport itself?


Negotiations commenced.  As a passport is essential to the end role, JobCentre Plus are able to cover all associated costs.


hallelujah!  Could you image the madness of someone not getting off benefits into a sustainable job due to the cost of a passport?


Surely our JobCentres should have the brief and funding to cover whatever an individual to secure a permanent, full-time job.  This could be a toolkit,  office clothes, shoes or passport even!


I know as a taxpayer funded organisation JobCentre Plus is accountable but am I the only taxpayer that would be happy to see more people go into work supported with whatever they need to do so?  It’s surely cheaper than a lifetime of benefits!