Employers…Recruit a better way…

We all know that growing our own fruit and veg is something special.  Nurturing it through all the stages from seed, seedling, shoot to full grown crop.  There’s something special about the effort to create something ourselves.  Of course, the taste is always far superior to shop brought.


I’m a firm believer people are the same as crops.  When they are invested in,  nurtured to their full potential and taught business skills from scratch, they learn quicker, better and deliver commitment for the opportunity received.


Growing Talent enables both the employer and unemployed potential new talent to grow and learn together.  Over a maximum 12 week period, invaluable lifelong skills are taught on the Orientation and Holistic weeks. A maximum of 10 weeks learning the vacant role in situ ensures a confident match.


Why pay recruitment fees?  Why recruit from a cv rather then actual knowledge on potential and attitude?


Growing Talent is free.  Why not give us a try?  The next programme commences in April.  Contact me for more details of your London based recruitment.



Building an empire…..

It was clear on the Orientation Week that Leon was a leader and doer.


Owning a production company he has a passion for music and writing.  He shared a song with the other Growing Talent Associates that he’d written for his young son Matthew.  A beautiful tribute set to rap.  It worked really well…..


For his Social Enterprise challenge he used his media experience to devise a unique experience for your people in danger of or already experiencing some kind of addiction to understand their triggers, share their experience with others and get help appropriate to them,  A by product was the support family and friends would get from watching this journey unfold.


Kids Today involved filming a small group of young people over 12 weeks to give invaluable learning for teachers and parents who could watch the film on YouTube at their leisure and understand what works and what doesn’t.


Joining Pertemps as a junior recruitment consultant on Monday 6 February, Leon had arranged his first client meeting yesterday – 9 Feb!


Starting to build his recruitment business empire already……..!