Kindness – does it really work?

I stumbled across this video of Lady Gaga on YouTube speaking in 2017 at the US conference of Mayors alongside a panel which included the Dalai Lama.  Her words make complete sense to me.


In London recently we’ve had the shameful accolade of having more murders than New York.  Excluded people will gravitate to ‘love’ and ‘family’ for ‘acceptance’ where they have none.  So now we have a prolific gang culture.  We’ve had years of lives lost through knife/gun crime.  We make assumptions and write people off.


Many years ago – decades in fact – I was given a sage piece of advice which I’ve used often and, for me, it absolutely works.  The advice was ‘kill them with kindness’.  If someone is rude, puts you down, hurts you in some way – show them kindness – it’s way more powerful that retreating to their level.


A bit like the tv ad campaign on road rage – ‘breath in, breath out the moment has gone’.


At the last massive shooting in USA, someone said we need to include people not exclude them.  If they feel they don’t belong that’s when we lose them and trouble happens.  With rising bad behaviour in schools, should we keep excluding young people or work with them to understand what they are so angry about?  Sometimes parenting is a major cause so where there are dysfunctional parents the child will need even more help rather than exclusion to become a problem adult.  Of course there is no one reason nor one solution.  But what kind of country are we creating when we don’t even blink at the situation above?  We’re becoming numb.


Maybe we should all try spreading kindness a little more.


What do you think?


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