Orientation Week – Communication – Hello!

Have you ever thought about communicating before doing so?

Most people don’t.  There is no preparation on what we are going to say, how we are going to say it, are we using the right words?, how might it be received? have we conveyed the right message?

Then of course we need to consider the best method of communicating – text, WhatsApp, email, letter, telephone and so on.

Add to that non-verbal cues, reflection, annunciation, spatial awareness, volume, body language – communicating can be a nightmare!

Ronan Keating said ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’ – how true that can be!

So Jade who owns Customer Care First,  joined us to deliver an interactive 2 hour workshop on all aspects of communication.


Jade task

In the feature photo we see the guys taking up Jade’s task of getting in order by date and month of birth – without talking!

Drew and Navin backto back

Drew is giving Navin instructions to draw an object without using any body language at all!


Communication clients

Above, Robert, Amar, Navin, Kelly and Katrina are coming up with acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics with customers.


Below, Natasha, Adeyinka, Heaven, Drew, Bernie and Charlie-Ray are deciding the same but for colleagues encouraged by Shennell and Jade.

Team 2 jade


Jade wanting answers

Jade after answers from Adeyinka and Kelly!


All in all, an exhausting informative workshop.  Views from the guys:


‘Jade was amazing.  Taught me a lot about communication’

‘Very helpful’

‘Really good.  She was really brill’

‘Learned a lot about communicating better in a work environment’

‘Very useful – especially the non-verbal cues’

‘Loved it!’

‘Fun and informative’

‘Valuable information’

Who is where in the Growing Talent 21 world?

  Jamilatou & Kelly with Ewen recruitment manager for ME Hotel Group.



Navin, Bernie & Amar are all joining MitieTDM at PwC.  Pictured alongside Lois – MitieTDM & Allen – PwC


Below – Charlie-Ray & Katrina with their managers at Portico – Julie & Gary



Above Heaven with Dan Recruitment Manager at Firmdale Hotels, Natasha, Robert & Drew between them going to Covent Garden Hotel & Haymarket.


Featured above are Adeyinka and his manager from ISS – Andy.  Stephen also joined Adeyinka at ISS.


Diverse talent and backgrounds amongst the guys with some brilliant stories of personal growth and development ahead.

Don’t stereotype – see the talent behind the label!

It’s risk and cost free. There is some amazing, diverse talent amongst the invisible unemployed because they don’t have the skills, qualifications or ‘blag’ to ‘sell’ themselves in a recruitment interview. Believe me – employers/recruiters are missing out using cvs and traditional interview methods.

Be honest – were you trained for your job before being hired? I know I wasn’t – but I do have lots of ‘blag’. It wasn’t always that way for me. Which is how the seed for #GrowingTalent was planted back in the early 90s. With more labels than you could shake a stick at, I was stereotyped. Employers saw my labels not my potential.

A mutual ‘test drive’ saw me secure a foot into a job – which I held for over 4 years – before securing a permanent job in recruitment which I grew into a career before starting my own business. Multiple awards for getting well over 600 people with ‘labels’ into work later, I’m still amazed at employers hesitancy to give the same opportunity to others they received themselves when they were starting out.

The feature photo shows the diverse talent of those on the 21st programme of Growing Talent. All have commitment, empathy and drive to succeed. They just need a chance to shine. Luckily these guys have that chance.

Let me ask you a question – Where would you be now if someone in your past hadn’t given you an opportunity to shine? Pay it back and make a difference. Permanent employment changes lives – literally and adds value to employers’ bottom line.

Amongst our Growing Talent Associates we have care leavers, single parents, those with strong employment history and those with little, those with learning, social and medical issues, some are degree educated, some have been managers some run their own businesses. Now they have the opportunity to secure permanent jobs by training and growing in those vacancies before being hired. Open to anyone over 18 – no upper age limit. Defined by their performance not label.


Employers for Growing Talent 21 include MitieTDM, Portico, ISS, Firmdale Hotels, ME Hotel Group


What to get involved?  Then get in touch!