Growing Talent is coming to Birmingham!

After a successful five+ years running Growing Talent in central London, we are running our first dedicated programme in Birmingham City Centre in March 2020.


If you are looking for new talent and want a risk and free way to do this, get in touch –


If you live within easy reach of Birmingham City Centre, are currently unemployed but want to work – why not check us out.  More information at or speak with your work coach at Job Centre Plus.


The time for a new challenge is now!



New Year resolutions….Seedlip

At this time of year, many of us have abandoned well-intentioned resolutions we set at the start of a New Year. There’s many reasons for this.  In my experience, I set unrealistic goals.  Usually, I get disillusioned  as the results I desire don’t appear super quick!


However, one mid-year resolution I started a couple of years back, and have kept to, is switching to Seedlip.  Granted you do need to add some flavourings, but it’s so worth it.  You can drink as much as you like and still be able to drive!  It’s the only non-alcoholic drink out there that isn’t over sugary/over gassy.


By adding mint and lime to the garden flavour or orange, cinnamon stick and star anise to the spice I really feel like I’m having a lush cocktail!


What I’m trying to say here are two things.


  •     If you want to cut down/out your alcohol intake – make the switch.  You won’t feel deprived
  •     Switching to Seedlip was easy for me because it’s a small, ‘doable’ change.  Illustrating, if you want to  see big changes, start with small ones.

Employers’ Speed Dating – 21 January 2020!

Our first speed dating (first stage selection) for Growing Talent commences with a quick fire speed session which enables employers to identify those they wold like to meet for a more in-depth chat about their roles on their sites.


With no cvs nor formal interview to undergo, the atmosphere is relaxed and laughter quickly flows.

Andy from Winlight Recruitment chatting to some participants….


For employers Growing Talent is the only way to ‘test drive’ someone in their vacant role ensuring they fit the role, team, company BEFORE hiring.  Even more attractive is this doesn’t cost s penny.  Run and funded by business for business.

Always smiling! Pedro and Sharaz from Pertemps checking out the untapped talent out there….


Equally important is the applicant experience.  Growing Talent is only open to unemployed people over the age of 18 – no upper age limit – in London who have a strong will to work but need a little TLC.



Growing Talent enables unemployed people to shine and grow on their journey to employment.  With a provisional job upfront, they are aware of the end job.  As the employer trains them in that role during the programme, there are no surprises.

Kate from Firmdale Hotels returned to share the opportunities available……


If you are looking to get new talent in your business confidently and cost effectively or an unemployed and looking to get a role where you have the opportunity to prove yourself …… check out Growing Talent now.

Sergio & Lina from ISS – Sergio’s first time at speed dating!


What have you got to lose?  Why not check out Growing Talent 26 in March?


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