Can we all rise from despair?

Overthinking negativity can feel like trying to swim in quicksand.  Panic rises, struggle intensifies the quicker we sink.


Taking a step back to analyse where we are, where we want to be and the journey to get there can give us the best foundation for change and getting out of that quicksand feeling.


Seeing the feature of new Graduate Malala over the weekend I’m reminded of where she started – shot by the Taliban for speaking up for girls’ education as a teenager – to relocating to the UK, going to school in Birmingham, studying, and graduating from Oxford University along the way becoming the youngest  Nobel laureate after winning the Nobel Prize in December 2014 as well as setting up the Malala Fund and the Education Champion Network with a vision to see every girl in the world get at least 12 hours education a week – what a journey.


Whilst Malala is an extreme journey, it shows we can change what’s ahead of us.  Opportunity lies in the most obscure places and can present when we least expect it.


Take a step back, analyse what’s really going on.  You can’t change what’s happened before – that’s history.  We can all change the path we’re on…….if we want to.


Doom & Gloom Overload?

It’s easy to slip into negativity when looking at social media, listening to the news, reading online news sites.  There is very little good news out there right now.  But strength, courage, inspiration can be found in the most difficult times.


Take these Kestrel chicks the most important thing for them at the moment is food.  Currently on the amber endangered list at the RSPB due to their moderate decline in the UK, their wildness a natural, thing of beauty.  Seeing this picture in the Sunday papers made me realise it doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, nature continues with it’s own survival agenda.


Taking a moment to look at the nature and beauty around us, lifts our spirits nourishing us to face the negativity all around  us.