Thoughtful moment – Profits over health?

A feature on Aljazeera TV this morning – @AJStream – featuring the ongoing battle for truth and justice between USA and indigenous American Indians – resonated with me in many areas.  Guests on @AJStream included three people from different indigenous tribes who have been fighting against oil pipelines through their lands, poisoning water via toxic waste leaks.


Jacqueline Keeler, one of the guests and a journalist, explained only sovereign states can have treaties between them and that treaty is supreme law under the American constitution.  I hadn’t realised the indigenous tribes were a sovereign state – something I don’t think is known by many outside the tribes themselves.  Therefore, the treaties drawn us and written into the constitution are supreme law.  To ignore this position is to break the Constitution, isn’t it?


Joye Braun  – @joyem_braun – explained the ‘fake news’ oil companies put out through marketing such as the pipeline ‘will bring jobs and prosperity locally, the oil is needed locally, and it’s safe – no leaks for the past three years’.  Joye said the truth is any jobs are temporary, no money goes into the local community – instead it goes to oil companies profits, the local community doesn’t need the oil – in fact there is an oil glut right not.  The oil is sold outside the USA and lastly, the thing that resonated the most with me, Joye explained the reason the oil companies report no leaks in the last three years is because the oil companies got the level at which they need to report leakages increased! – so there have been leaks just at a lower rate than the companies have to report.


This last point resonated the most with me.  The Government in the UK at start of the Coronavirus pandemic promised a set number of daily tests by a set date.  When they were clearly not going to reach their target, they included all tests posted out to people.  So it seems all figures can be ‘fudged’ which we all know but is it right to fudge the figures when peoples’ health is in danger?


As Joye and her peers say ‘Water is Life’ – would you be happy drinking toxic water?



Equality or stats for stats sake?

A feature on Aljazeera Tv showed Germany’s Christian Democrat Union – Germany’s current ruling party CDU – have indicated wanting 50% of women in Government.  This goes to a vote in December.

Angela Merkle, current leader, is stepping down.  Known as the Mother of Germany, she has built up her experience over many years in various political posts.  She has broke many glass ceilings.


On the face of it, this seems like a noble idea.  But opposition is present from many including women themselves who don’t want to be given a position because of their sex only on their merit and ability.  Astrid Hamker, President of the Economic Council for CDU, is against the idea of giving posts to women based on their gender.


Who is right?  Will women just be put into meaningless roles without responsibility to make decisions to tick a box?  How will women be sure they have earned the right and respect to their role.


Women like Angle Merkel have shown grit, determination and staying power to break glass ceilings.  Time will tell what happens in December.  Whatever the outcome, I hope everyone, feels empowered to believe in themselves to see they deserve the opportunities that are out there – they just need to find those opportunities, grab them and grow them.


Will humans ever start seeing each other just as another human being?