Why not two children’s stories?

I feel I always need to push myself to do more. So after writing Pirate Prince Toby as my 1st Challenge this week from my ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’ post – I thought I’d add another children’s short story…. here goes

Joshua & His Magic Pen

At the very grown-up age of 6½, Joshua knew a lot of things.  He could name every Dinosaur, knew the difference between an alligator and a crocodile as well as the difference between a kangaroo and wallaby.  He had a mauve telescope and knew all the planets.  He knew about different plants and how to make a helicopter out of a particular leaf just by dropping it from a height – it spun round and round just like a helicopter.

As well as knowing lots of different things, Joshua was a very kind child who helped everyone.  He especially loved his little sister Nancy who was funny and kind and just four.

Joshua’s favourite thing to do above everything else was to draw.  He was an avid fan of ‘Draw With Rob’ by Rob Biddulph, had all his books – one he got signed by Rob himself when Joshua’s mummy took him to a bookshop in London.

One of Joshua’s drawings won a prize – a pen just like the one Rob draws with.  Joshua was so excited.  Just by thinking of a colour, the pen would change so Joshua’s drawings were always colourful even though he only used the one black pen.

There was something called ‘the pandemic’ which Joshua and Nancy didn’t understand very well but they couldn’t go out as much as they used to.  So their mummy and daddy brought them lots of different paper, paints and crayons to use.

Joshua and Nancy decided they would draw a big picture featuring all of their favourite things – princesses, unicorns and anything sparkly for Nancy.  As we know Joshua like dinosaurs, nature, animals and space.  So they put all of these together and soon had a big, colourful picture.

Picture this extravaganza – Joshua did as he fell asleep.

It was Christmas Eve and the house was really quiet.  Joshua couldn’t sleep – he was so excited about Christmas. He felt a prod in his back. ‘Nancy, stop that’ Josuha said rubbing his eyes. ‘I didn’t do anything!’.  If Nancy didn’t do it, who did, thought Joshua as he sat upright in his bed to be confronted by a bright green (his favourite colour) Diplodocus!  That’s a friendly dinosaur for any adults reading this. ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ asked Joshua.  ‘Your magic pen brought us to life.  We need your help. Said Toby the Diplodocus. ‘We?’ thought Joshua rubbing his eyes a little more.  

Peering behind Toby he saw a princess – who looked a lot like Nancy but Nancy was jumping around with Ben the Unicorn!  There was a strange looking alien who had eyes all around their head and a smile bigger than Joshua’s. Her name was Sophie and she could change colours like a chameleon.  Right now she was bright pink and sparkly – Nancy’s favourite combination.

‘Toby, why do you need my help?’ asked Joshua.  ‘Rudolph – Father Christmas’s main reindeer – is sick.  He is the only one who knows the route through space, which Father Christmas has to use to deliver Christmas presents to all the children all over the world in time for Christmas.  Can you draw Rudolph with your magic pen to save Christmas?

Now Joshua always tried everything.  Even though he had a little doubt his drawing wouldn’t come to life he gave it a go and did his best which is all children can do.

Below is Joshua’s drawing – what do you think happened?

That’s right, he sprung into life and said ‘why are you all here? You should be helping Father Christmas.  It’s getting very late and we have lots of presents to deliver’.  ‘Where is Father Christmas’s sleigh’? Rudolph asked.  ‘He’s at my house on Pluto said Sophie’.  ‘Climb aboard and hold on tight’ said Rudolph. ‘Can we come to?’ asked Joshua and Nancy.  ‘Without Joshua’s drawing we wouldn’t have a chance to save Christmas.  Let them come’ said Toby.  ‘Ben the Unicorn and Sophie the Alien agreed, Joshua and Nancy should come.

Everyone grabbed hold of Rudolph and soared into the sky.  Soon they had gone past the dark sky full of bright, twinkling stars.  Joshua pointed out all the planets and named them all.  Sophie soon called out ‘look there’s Father Christmas and his sleigh’.

‘Thank you for drawing Rudolph and saving Christmas Joshua.  Would all of you like to ride in my sleigh and help deliver all the presents to the children tonight?’ asked Father Christmas.

There was a resounding ‘yes’ before Joshua and Nancy, Toby the diplodocus, Ben the Unicorn and Sophie the Alien boarded the sleigh.

Over every continent of the world they flew delivering all the parcels.  But Christmas was nearly ruined again when a sleeping child opened their eyes and sprung up in delight at seeing Father Christmas laying out presents.  Quickly, Sophie changed colours and stood in front of Father Christmas so the child thought what he had seen was his giant teddy in the corner but Sophie had changed colours to look like the teddy and hide Father Christmas.  The child rubbed their eyes, took a second look and fell quickly back to sleep.

‘Phew, that was close’ said Joshua.

They soon reached Joshua and Nancy’s house.  ‘For saving Christmas and being a kind, helpful boy all year, I award you this gold star’ said Father Christmas pinning the star on Joshua’s pyjamas.  Nancy, you’ve been so funny and helpful too so you have a pink unicorn badge.

‘Joshua, Nancy – it’s time to get up.  Breakfast is ready and it looks like Father Christmas has been’.  Called Mummy.

Joshua woke up, his drawing was on the floor next to him.  Nancy was rubbing her eyes in her bed.  Was it all a dream? Joshua thought.  Did he just see Toby the Diplodocus wink from his and Nancy’s drawing?  Nancy didn’t remember anything.  Joshua was sad.  He had dreamed it all.  

‘Where did you get that star from Joshua?  It’s very bright’ asked mummy ‘and Nancy, I haven’t seen that pink unicorn badge before’ said daddy

‘Fa…..’ Joshua was about to say Father Christmas had given it to him but he and Nancy just smiled instead.

‘Happy Christmas’ Joshua said as he patted his star.

Challenge 1 from Loose Lips Post

In my post earlier – ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’ I set myself three challenges to focus on this week as a distraction from the doom and gloom news around the global pandemic. The first was to write a short children’s story which I’ve done!

It feels great to complete a challenge set – have you completed any challenges you set yourself this Christmas?

Check out my short story below about a very special, clever pirate – it won’t win any literally prizes but I feel a glow of satisfaction knowing I’ve completed one of the three challenges I set myself this Christmas.

Whatever you are doing, have a peaceful time this Christmas……..

Pirate Prince Toby who changed the Pirate Code

Many years ago on Crossbones Island out in the middle of the Mediterranean – that’s a big sea where it’s very warm all year round and the brightest, sparkliest colour blue you’ve ever seen – lived A Pirate Prince called Toby.

Pirates are usually horrible.  They scare people and aren’t kind but Pirate Prince Toby was different.  He was kind and helpful.

His mum and dad, the King and Queen couldn’t understand why he didn’t follow the ‘Pirate Code’ like his friends.

Now the Pirate Code is a set of rules saying pirates are not very nice.

‘Toby why aren’t you like other pirates?’  The Queen asked.

‘It’s nicer to be kind and helpful.  Why do I have to be like everyone else?’ asked Pirate Prince Toby.

Now this made the Queen think.  She couldn’t answer Pirate Prince Toby’s questions. Could it be her son was right? Why did he have to be like everyone else?

The annual sports day was looming.  Many Kings and Queens were coming from neighbouring islands.  Pirate Prince Toby made sure everyone was happy and ready for their races.  He was entered into the childrens’ running race.  

As they lined up, The King of Crossbones Island – Pirate Prince Toby’s dad – started the race by setting off a bright yellow firework.  It flew high up into the warm, blue sky before exploding with a very loud bang.

Everyone on the start line set off but as the bang rang out, a little girl pirate burst into tears.  The sound of the firework had scared her.  Pirate Prince Toby ran back to the girl and gave her a hug telling her it’s ok to be scared by the bang and they could run the race together if she would like.  Her tears dried and she gave a shy smile.

A strange thing happened as they started to run – all the other child pirates, by now far ahead, stopped and turned around.  They ran back to Pirate Prince Toby and the girl.  ‘You are right Pirate Prince Toby – it is better to be kind’ the others said.  They all run the race at the same speed so they were all joint winners!

The Pirate King and Queen of Crossbones Island were very proud of their son, Pirate Prince Toby.  The Pirate King said ‘Pirate Prince Toby, you have shown all of us that kindness is better than being horrible.  Today I decree a new Pirate Code.  All pirates will be kind to each other, helping everyone where they need help and respect each other – that is the greatest treasure of all’.

Everyone agreed and a loud cheer rang out across the islands who from that day forth were known as the ‘Pirate Islands of Kindness and Togetherness’.