Foundation for training – businesses – invest wisely!

Spending money efficiently for a business makes economic sense at anytime. It’s critical in this era of global pandemic.

So why do so many organisations invest in training for their teams – any training – without first assessing their Emotional Intelligence? It’s like building a house on a crumbling rock face !

Assessing the importance of six core competencies vs the demonstration of each by raters enables employers to be aware of the emotional culture of their business. Equally, it enables individual staff at all levels to see how they demonstrate these core competencies to their raters.

The uniqueness of Genos EI Assessments enables insights, actions, development areas and timelines to be set. Enabling gaps to be closed and real, sustained growth of the individual.

It’s super quick to complete online with a total of 42 questions to answer and supporting context text.

The coaching sessions and development book can be delivered virtually or in person.

Why is such a simple step missed?

Interested? contact me for more information or join a free session ‘Jump into Emotional Intelligence’ by using the link below to register:

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