Awards & Achievements

Growing Talent = 159 into permanent employment + 4 more….. to complete December 2019


I am hugely proud of the recognition for my work in employment and mental health/wellbeing as illustrated in the awards below.  These awards are important as the audit carried out for each by the judges proves the work and results delivered is real.


The Real Apprentice was a programme I devised and ran whilst working for a large FM company.  It was one of the first programmes of it’s kind to work on an inclusive basis.  Although jobs were not guaranteed at the end of the part-time programme over 75% did secure employment.  I’m still in touch with some of those who secured work through Real Apprentice.  I’m proud to see the lessons they learnt have been adopted in their own lives.  They have not returned to benefits.


With Growing Talent, I was given an open remit by PwC I&P to devise something groundbreaking.  The programme itself has grown since the pilot in February 2014.  It is now full time for unto 12 weeks including a full orientation week at the start to focus on self-esteem and employment skills and a full holistic week which focuses on the softer skills essential to life long employment – personal finance, fitness, nutrition, positive mental health and wellbeing.


A permanent, full-time job is provisionally offered at the start which the individual trains in over the course of Growing Talent.  The employer selects their participant – known as Growing Talent Associate – based on personality – no cvs and no job descriptions!


A full audit trail and dedicated mentoring for all parties ensures the best possible support to get 100% into work on completion.


At the point of hire there are no surprises for either side.  The employer knows the personality, skills, potential and team fit of their Associate before the cost of hiring them.  The Associate knows exactly what the job entails, the team, environment, management before leaving the safety of benefits and accepting the job.


This forumla has seen all Associates who have completed and gone into work have not returned to benefits.


Employers are free to hire as soon as they are confident in the consistency of their Associate’s performance – often earlier than the end of the programme.


A partnership with the senior management of JobCentre Plus ensures no financial hardship for the Associates and a ‘safety net’ for anyone that doesn’t complete.


A huge saving to UK plc and communities as well as increased value to employers’ bottom line.


The best award of course – is seeing the permanent change in the lives of the Growing Talent Associates….


Awards won to date:


Personnel Today 2015 – HR Supplier Partnership Award – Finalist Jane James Consultancy

Personnel Today

Personnel Today 2015 – Innovation in Recruitment – Finalist PwC I&P (Growing Talent)


Open Doors Social justice awards 2013 for Real Apprentice

Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion – Macro And Tapping into Talent categories 2012 – for Real Apprentice

Lord Mayor of London Dragon Award for Economic Regeneration 2012 – for Real Apprentice

National Training Awards London – 2012 – for Real Apprentice

Finalist in CIPD Talent Attraction and Management 2012 – for Real Apprentice

Winner of UK leg of the European Employee Volunteering Awards (EEVA) sponsored by the European Commission to recognise programmes which remove the barriers to employment – January 2011 – for Real Apprentice

European winner of Innovation category of EEVA – March 2011 for Real Apprentice

Opportunity Now Directing Diverse Talent, 2010 – personal recognition award

Mental Health First Aid Champion award – 2010

Race for Opportunity – Widening the Talent Pool 2009 – Real Apprentice

BiTC Big Tick award for Employability 2007-2009, and 2011 for Workplace inclusion – Reaccredited 2012 – for Real Apprentice

UK National Training Awards (NTA) 2006 – Real Apprentice

PFM Awards – People in Partnership 2006 – for Real Apprentice

Non-Exec Board Director of MHFAEngland –  2012 – 2014

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