Genos International – Applied Emotional Intelligence

Delivered virtually over six modules of 90 minutes each to give a ‘deep diver’ into employees’ emotional intelligence from an initial measurement by the assessment upfront to the learning on each module and the final measurement of the repeated assessment on completion to show growth.

  • Module 1 – Self Awareness
  • Module 2 – Awareness of Others
  • Module 3 – Authenticity
  • Module 4 – Emotions and Decisions
  • Module 5 – Self- management
  • Module 6 – Positive Influence

Delivered over a 4-6 month period to absorb and utilise learning, identify and action development areas. Workplace assessments carried out can be either self, 180 or 360 but must be the same version pre and post to show true measurement.

Costs (dependent on volume of participants): include the pre and post assessments, coaching, workbook and development tips book for onward learning as well as delivery of all six modules.

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