Genos International – Emotional Intelligence Development Assessments

Emotional Intelligence is the critical skill required to equip businesses to flourish during this 5th Industrial Revolution – the combination of AI and EI in the workplace. Without EI businesses will fail.

Your teams’ emotions affect their thoughts. Their thoughts affect their behaviours which in turn, affect everyone + your bottom line, ability to stay current in your market and, of course, your brand reputation.

Assessments available:

Emotional Culture Index – an online temperature of where your teams really are

Self – An individual’s view of their six core competencies

180 – Self above plus one group of raters usually direct reports

360 – Self plus – peers, line management, plus other connections – (clients, partner agencies etc)

All assessments include agreed coaching sessions and development tips manual to ensure revealed results can be actioned, emotional intelligence developed and identified gaps closed. Bespoke assessments in these three areas are available for Workplace, Leadership and Sales environments.

What sets Genos apart from competitors in the global field?

Time – 6 competencies, 7 questions each competency = just 42 questions in total

Digital – enables flexibility for completion/debriefing and coaching online

Qualitative data – raters score on the importance of each competency and how well this is demonstrate. Gaps are easily identified.

Context – raters qualitative text enables understanding/acceptance of how you really ‘show-up’ and how your behaviours effect then.

Coaching development – onward coaching to develop actions identified during this process to ‘close the gaps’

Bespoke assessments – to meet the requirements of your leadership team, sales team, non-managers

Group debriefs – great for peer teams to work together

“Game changing for business. Life changing for people”, Dr Ben Palmer, Co-Founder of Genos International.

Costs are dependent on volume and include all set-up costs, analysis of results, identification of development areas, action planning, onward coaching sessions and development tips workbook for onward learning.

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