Genos International – When OK Performance is not OK!

The best and worst people we ever work with are memorable(for very different reasons!) long after we’ve stopped working with them because of how they made us feel.

But, research shows the biggest part of an organisation’s staff are ‘ok performers’. Almost hidden. They do what they need to do no more and no less. They are not memorable. But what if they were invested in? Areas revealed for development – what changes would they, their teams and organisation get back?

Even a small increment in development can lead to powerful results.

Take hot water. At 211F it’s just hot water. But a 1F increase turns it into steam – and that is powerful:

Just a small change, can deliver a huge impact.

This interactive two hour workshop includes worksheet to fully understand the impact of behaviours in the workplace and how ok performance is definitely not ok – for the individual as well as the business.

Session cost depends on volume of attendees.

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