Growing Talent


A unique way for businesses to grow their own talent!  check out the film links below and see what is involved…….. true Social Mobility – changing lives…..




The challenge I was given was to devise and deliver an employment programme with a difference.   The USP is 100% into work who complete the 12 week, full-time programme.    The ‘no brainer’ was to identify employers with full-time vacancies.  They could effectively ‘grow their own talent’ in situ without any cost over the first 11 weeks.


Having a potential member of staff  in place to see their personality, team/client interaction as well as growth potential before the cost of hiring is very attractive.   Equally for a young person who has been unemployed and dealing with various issues in life – to have the opportunity of a job which will lead to a career without the fear factor of a formal interview is unique.


With strong links already to JobCentre Plus, negotiations were quickly underway to work out the process for Growing Talent!   This is not only an employment programme but  holistic as well with a residential stay in the country where mental health and wellbeing, nutrition and fitness as well as personal financial planning are all delivered.  Freetime in the evenings allows use of the sauna, swimming pool, gym and 30 acres – the results have been amazing.



Interested unemployed people are identified.  All attend an open day with the district management at JobCentre Plus followed by 1-2-1 interviews.  Those who are interested then attend an employers’ assessment day where they meet previous participants and learn the ‘warts n all’.


Those who want to go forward then register for a panel interview.   Following  selection, participants undergo basic police vetting before attending an interactive orientation week with workshops, seminars, personal and team challenges to build self esteem and confidence as well as communication and interaction.


This week is followed by a full-time operational placement where the employer has a vacancy, assigns a day-to-day mentor and completes three appraisals over the 11 week period.


During the above operation period, the residential stay takes place.  All those who complete go into employment – with no surprises!  Those who don’t complete, know the areas they need to work on with the support of their Job Centre Advisor.


We undertook a pilot for four at the start of the year.  All completed and have been actively supporting the 11 on the second programme – 10 of whom complete and go into work mid-August.


If you are an employer looking for new talent and interested in growing your own or a young person, hungry to work looking for an opportunity to showcase your potential, why not get in touch to discuss how Growing Talent can work for you?


Currently Growing Talent runs in London.


If you are unemployed and would like to apply for a place on Growing Talent – complete the following questions and send them via e-mail to me:

1) Your name, postcode, mobile and e-mail address

2) Are you interested in manual or office type work?

3) Have you lived at your current address for a minimum of one year?

4)  Do you have proof of ID, residency, NI and details of any residential addresses for the previous five years if different from your current address?

5)  One interesting fact about you

6)   Do you have the enthusiasm and open mind to get into a job and work your way up to a great career?

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