Helpful Resources

The following may be helpful when you don’t know where to turn or you want to signpost someone to get the help they need.

For some quick videos on self-care, check out my YouTube channel – link in the pages menu on the home page.

Shout – Any issue – no matter how big or small

Confidential, free text line for absolutely any issue: Text the word Shout to 85258. This service is open 24/7 and manned by volunteers who undergo in-depth training delivering empathy, validation and the support for the tester to identify their solution giving them back control. Shout supports all issues from suicidal thoughts, financial worries to loneliness and everything else – any age, any background. – Give Us A Shout’s website that gives the latest news on the Shout text service.

StayAlive App – free for iOS and Android

Often people think of suicide because they cannot think clearly and see solutions to their problems. It takes someone else to see they are struggling, ask some difficult questions and guide the individual to immediate help.

Moving someone from a hot moment to a cool calm, gives them the clarity they need to think more clearly, reducing the noise in their minds that amplifies everything negative.

Check out the link below:

StayAlive App –

Physical first aid

Of course, in an ideal world we would all be trained in physical first aid and able to deal with any accident or emergency. Even if we’ve done a First Aider course with the British Red Cross or similar – how much do we really remember when we really need to use that knowledge?

British Red Cross has free Apps for Google and Apple to download – check out their website below and download the app so you have the guidance you need exactly when you need it:

Preparation is the key to success. Keeping these resources in your mobile will help you successfully support yourself and others!