What do those who have trained with Jane think?

Workshops delivered virtually since the arrival of Coronavirus – March 2020 to date

‘Phenomenal!  So many tips that are practical and can so easily be implemented into daily routine.  Can’t wait to start using these tools!’, Amanda of Mitie Group

‘I have a young daughter currently being assessed for ASD.  I used to worry about her future but now I realise she won’t be hindered. ‘ Anon ISS

‘I thought the Zoom session was excellent and I am definitely looking for you to devise and run more for my team.  As a fellow facilitator the Zoom session focussed the team’s attention more than being in a training room environment!’ Andy, National Operations Manager

‘The pace was right and catered for all levels and abilities’, Alison Manager in Birmingham

‘The past 2 sessions have been very useful and has provided clear guidance on how to handle situations in the workplace and has also given me more confidence to challenge situations that fall outside of my responsibilities as a manager.’ Gareth, Manager, Wales

‘I gained more knowledge and understanding than I expected’, Leon, LiverpoolI learnt so much from today’s session.  I feel more prepared for dealing with possible vulnerable team members and I know when to stop and understand when something/a situation is beyond me but I know the next steps.  Thanks Jane’, Loraine Manager Northern Ireland

‘I always look forward to Jane’s session.  They are always professionally delivered and interactive which makes them enjoyable as well as informative.’ Mark, National Account Manager PwC

‘Jane is a first class facilitator, she makes each session impactful and enjoyable which is a really difficult balance to achieve, I would wholeheartedly recommend. ‘ Andy, National Account Manager ISS, based at PwC.  Andy requested I wrote a bespoke series of workshops for his national management team and operatives as well as deliver Mental Health First Aider training for his management team.

Thoughts from those connected with Growing Talent….

‘It’s all down to you Jane.  You encouraged me.  I would still be dithering on whether to go or not.  I’ve gone from earning £500 a month as a gym assistant working part-time with no direction, to earning a really good wage that has enabled me to save, make plans and get to New Zealand.  I’ve learnt so much.’ Jordan

IMG_0850   Simon Camilla Jordan

What a change – Jordan collecting his award from Jon of PwC then supporting Camilla on her Growing Talent journey seen here with Simon – then MD of Portico!

‘Jane, thank you for the encouragement and support you have given me.  I am in a much better place than I was a few months ago, for that I am truely grateful.  I will remember to pass on that level of support to others in the future.  Not only have I grown in confidence through working full-time, I feel stronger as an individual.  Thank you once again for being abeacon of hope through the amazing work that you do.  Best wishes Shennell’ 

‘Inspirational and fair.  Down to earth.  A great lady who motivates people and gives them a chance.  She gave me faith in humanity again’, Ruby

Revised Ruby
Ruby’s thoughts…………

‘Amazing, friendly, sweet, role model, calm, good leader (perfect boss!), Jack

Jck finished
As Jack says……………..

‘You just keep making a huge difference.  It’s amazing how you transform everyone.’ Margo Baxter DWP

And from the guys on Growing Talent 8:


References from clients who hire me, will be supplied on request……………..

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