What do people say about Jane?


‘It’s all down to you Jane.  You encouraged me.  I would still be dithering on whether to go or not.  I’ve gone from earning £500 a month as a gym assistant working part-time with no direction, to earning a really good wage that has enabled me to save, make plans and get to New Zealand.  I’ve learnt so much.’ Jordan


IMG_0850   Simon Camilla Jordan

What a change – Jordan collecting his award from Jon of PwC then supporting Camilla on her Growing Talent journey seen here with Simon – MD of Portico!


Jordan was on the second programme.  A great unpolished talent at the start.  Now two years later he has an established role with Portico, numerous friends, colleagues and business contacts.  He’s flying out to New Zealand on 5 April to start the next chapter.  It’s great to see confidence and ambition oozing from him.  I can’t wait to see the adventures that lie ahead for him.


‘Jane, thank you for the encouragement and support you have given me.  I am in a much better place than I was a few months ago, for that I am truely grateful.  I will remember to pass on that level of support to others in the future.  Not only have I grown in confidence through working full-time, I feel stronger as an individual.  Thank you once again for being abeacon of hope through the amazing work that you do.  Best wishes Shennell’ 


Prior to joining Growing Talent 5, Shennell had deferred University with just one term from completing her degree .  With little confidence, she learnt to trust and blossomed throughout Growing Talent.  First, she was employed by Iron Mountain and then secured promotion with a frontline role at Portico.  She has now returned to complete her degree a confident woman who believes in herself totally.  It’s an honour to have been part of her journey.


James flowers  rsz_james

‘I just wanted to say thank you for everything’, James above secured a role with Wilson James on completion of Growing Talent 6.


‘Inspirational and fair.  Down to earth.  A great lady who motivates people and gives them a chance.  She gave me faith in humanity again’, Ruby

Revised Ruby
Ruby’s thoughts…………

‘Amazing, friendly, sweet, role model, calm, good leader (perfect boss!), Jack

Jck finished
As Jack says……………..

‘You just keep making a huge difference.  It’s amazing how you transform everyone.’ Margo Baxter DWP


And from the guys on Growing Talent 8:




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