‘There is no health without good mental health’ – various people have said this from athletes, sports personalities to business and politicians.


It’s logical when you think about it.  We can train our bodies to be perfect fighting machines, have the most stamina etc.  If we don’t do the same for our minds the results can be disastrous.


The label ‘mental health’ strikes fear in the majority of us – more so within business.  We rarely talk openly about it in the workplace.  Yet it affects us all either directly or indirectly.  Which in turn negatively impacts the bottom line for business.


I can work with your business to design and deliver a programme to match exactly what the needs of your staff and business are.  Maybe it’s a focus on language.  What is the difference between depression and feeling blue?  Is stress the same as pressure?.  Perhaps you would like to give your staff some tools they can use to look after themselves and those around them.  Or maybe you want to create a band of ‘first aiders’ – staff who would give early support until professional help is around?


Whatever the need a solution to match your requirements and learning styles of your staff can be devised and delivered:

  •  A lunch and learn one hour session can be hugely beneficial in giving an insight into mental health, what it means, the impact on business, understand recovery and raise awareness of potential changes
  • A three-hour session delves a little deeper into stress, anxiety and depression – interactive with signposting.
  • MHFALite – an accredited instructor I can deliver this 3 hour workshop as a solid foundation to mental health knowledge.  A signposting manual accompanies the course.


  • The Global MHFAStandard First Aider certificated course.  An intense course covering everything from stress, anxiety, depression, psychosis, self-harm, eating disorders.  This is highly interactive and delivers a robust manual for onward learning.



Recognised in 23 countries, in England MHFA is administered by  All MHFA courses are endorsed by Royal Society for Public Health.  

For individuals, knowledge in mental health areas is powerful for your own growth and those around you.


For businesses it’s a critical focus.  With an aging workforce more mental health issues will arise from age related illnesses.  Indirect issues through supporting/living with people who have mental health issues can affect your staff.  Losing talent from our business is costly and time-consuming. Often, it’s unnecessary.  Early intervention when ‘changes’ are first spotted will deliver much better results than ‘burying heads’.


From 2012- 2014 I was a Board member of MHFAEnland (  helping to steer the then small CIC into the private sector.  The results have been amazing.  Workplace has grown to work with global household names to deliver a change of culture and a mentally healthier outlook.


As a MHFA Instructor, I have delivered multiple courses to the private and public sectors.  Professional Firms as well as smaller hospitality companies and councils.  Delivering to members of the Samaritans was a learning curve for me in understanding how they work on the front line of potential suicide and how they deal with the after effects on themselves.


MHFA England is the overseeing body and values MHFALite at £75 per person.  They value the MHFAStandard course at £300 per person.  I work on a day rate which can be extremely cost effective.


MHFA Lite – maximum of 20 people

MHFA Standard – maximum of 16 people


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.