Solutions – Your teams – thriving or just surviving?

The brain is the powerhouse of the body. Its ‘Archilles Heel’ is its thinking part – the mind. Yet we ignore the domino effect our thoughts can cause:

Emotions impact thoughts which impacts our behaviours which impacts on others

Great if those ignition emotions are positive. Teams will be productive, present, empathetic, genuine, expansive, resilient and empowered.

However, what if they are negative? Instead of the positive states, we’ll see disconnection, insensitivity, untrustworthy, limited thoughts, temperamental and possibly the worse state of all – indifference.

Our perception of our Emotional Intelligence and how we ‘show-up’ is not always the same as the reality experienced by those around us.

The services I offer can ensure your teams and business thrive – not just survive:

Emotional Culture Index

Digital survey taking the temperature of your workplace on how your teams are thriving in reality, what they expected and what their ideal level is across ten key emotions. This gap analysis is a conversational starter to identify areas of misalignment and exploration of development solutions.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments:

Diverse levels and sectors of assessments reveals areas of alignment and misalignment with raters experience of how those being assessed impact them:

Self – how someone feels about themselves

180 degree assessment – includes peers views of behavioural importance and the demonstration they really see in six core competencies – reveals gaps.

360 degree – as above with the addition on senior managements’ views.

I use the Genos EI assessments which deliver some strong differences with market competitors:

Genos Emotional Intelligence assessments focuses one the development of those being assessed:

  • Information session including workbook to understand how critical EI is
  • Three levels of assessments for leaders and non-leaders to enable the EI of the whole business to be revealed
  • Specific assessments for workplace, leadership, sales and recruitment
  • Efficient execution – 20 minute online survey covering six competencies measuring seven behaviours in each – total of 42 questions
  • Raters state importance of competencies compared with demonstrated behaviours revealing alignment or degree of misalignment. Optional text supports context, understanding and validity for those being assessed.
  • Development tip workbook and coaching sessions to reveal insights, actions and development opportunities
  • Potential to add on before and after survey to show ROI
  • Can be delivered digitally or in person
  • Coaching sessions focus on identified action points to enable development and closure of any gaps


The Science of Wellbeing Program is designed to help keep workforce wellbeing in check. It teaches a wide range of techniques and practices in four key areas: mental, physical, social and environmental. 

Built on the science of behaviour change and healthy habit formation, this program will reduce stress, and increase productivity and engagement. 

The objective of this program is that attendees will feel more confident and capable, boost relationships with others, increase physical vitality, and their sense of accomplishment and personal fulfilment in life.

This four part, two hour session series can be delivered over two weeks and carries the option to have a 180 Assessment carried out too.


Managing & Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing – aimed at those managing others

Understanding & Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing – aimed at those without management responsibilities

Each of the above courses are accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, carries 3 CPD points, teaches over 50 self-care and resilience building tools, has over 90 signposting organisations’ robust manual for onward learning is designed for the workplace and is delivered virtually.


Sample of my own bespoke workshops devised and delivered:

A Personal Risk Assessment for Stress Management – an aide to check exactly where you are at home and at work. Follows the ethos of the new ISO45003 international guidelines.

Coping with lockdown – living with Coronavirus – examining the challenges, opportunities and achievements

Changing Sectors – how to move away from the sectors you’ve historically worked in

Creating your role of the future – What does your current role look like in the future/creating your journey to a new future role

Understanding where you are and where you want to be – where are you personally and professional, where do you want to be, understanding how you get there

Introducing yourself to employers – is cvs the only way? – the role of a cv is to get you an interview. There are multiple other ways to get noticed.

Ace your interview – what is ‘interview etiquette’ now?

What is your personal brand? – do you have one? why are they so important?

Building/developing personal empowerment – for those who aren’t fearless to any challenge

Building/developing empowerment within your team – tools to enhance your team to grow

How to approach someone who may be struggling – the first step is the hardest

Resist the urge to focus on the obvious – why you need to ‘bite your tongue’

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Neurodiversity – what does each mean? why are each vital to business and communities? Understand and respecting each other. Removing the ‘fear’ of labels.

Weeklong Mentoring Session for unemployed Graduates – diverse workshops to empower graduates to move forward.

Unique Recruitment – Growing Talent!

Growing Talent is a B2B free service nurturing local unemployed people into permanent jobs giving the employer increased diversity and perspective and the individual the opportunity to take control of and change their lie.

Run in partnership with JobCentre Plus and charities, unemployed people who want to work but lack the confidence and workplace knowledge to secure a job through the traditional recruitment route, go through an information process before attending the first selection stage – we call speed dating.

This is a unique opportunity for unemployed people to meet employers with real jobs and the conviction to train and nurture them into a job which they can grow into a career. Without the shackles of a cv, formal interview, set, standard questions, each party gets to see the ‘real’ person.

The second and final stage selection is held on a 1:1 basis on the prospective employer’s site, enabling both parties to be confident the match is right. Over the term of Growing Talent, both employer and individual get to know each other really well and the future potential growth for both. At the point of hire, both parties KNOW the match is right.

Over the eight years Growing Talent has run, over 200 people of all ages and backgrounds have secured roles they have grown into careers. Both they and their employers said they would not have selected each other in a traditional recruitment route.

We’ve all had two unrelenting years of Covid and the peak and flow of uncertainty continuously taking the control out of our lives. Growing Talent gives some control back to employers and individuals. It’s completely free.

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Contact me for any further information on any of the above or to discuss where your business is, and where it want to be.

Solutions work best when they are tailored to fit your business’s unique needs.