The audacity of hope……

Yesterday saw a new chapter begin for Estela after years of planning. As she explained herself…..

“I will be mostly teaching Breathwork, Yoga and Meditation in different locations, an activity that as you know I have been doing for over twenty years in my spare time. So, with a cocktail of mixed feelings ranging from sadness to excitement, I took the decision to leave my corporate role today. To say that you have made an amazing change in my life is short of reality. Your teachings, your energy, your passion, your belief  have always been with me. May your light shine for many years to come. Thank you for being such a fantastic vision leader.”

Joining Growing Talent in March 2019 on the 20th programme, Estela had a passion for yoga, meditation and breath work and a dream to one day run her own business with international retreats.

Recognising bills had to be paid, Estela was successful in securing a front of house role with a leading corporate in the City. For three years she kept nurturing her dream, planning the steps needed to attain it. whilst working full-time. Earlier this year she used annual leave to investigate overseas retreat locations finding some perfect spots.

Finally, yesterday was her last day in her corporate role. Today is her first day as a full-time business guru!

The power of hope. The audacity to dream. The tenacity to follow your own path.

What makes this even more powerful for me, is the 29th Growing Talent is about to start.

What awesome journeys lie ahead for those involved?

I’m inspired!


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