Certified Practitioners – Science of Well-being

The Science of Wellbeing Program is designed to help keep workforce wellbeing in check. It teaches a wide range of techniques and practices in four key areas: mental, physical, social and environmental. 

Built on the science of behaviour change and healthy habit formation, this program will reduce stress, and increase productivity and engagement. 

The objective of this program is that attendees will feel more confident and capable, boost relationships with others, increase physical vitality, their sense of accomplishment and personal fulfilment in life. 

Delivered across four two hour sessions over two weeks, this course carries the option of a 180 EI Assessment. 

Contact me if you’d like to learn more.

World Teacher’s Day – 5.10.21

Teachers the world over choose to do an often difficult but rewarding profession – moulding the minds of others and encouraging them to find out who they are/who they want to be.

Whether they are teaching in an affluent country or a remote village the other side of the world with little resources, they are all trying to do the best for their charges.

Covid has put another layer of pressure on.

All this on top of the responsibilities of supporting their own family and friends.

Shouldn’t we recognise and praise all teachers and educators everyday?

Not just teachers in education, but corporate trainers, parents, support workers, sensory specialists, in fact any ‘educator’ in any walk of life is a ‘teacher’.

Without those ‘teaching’ us, showing us the ropes where would we be?

Teachers and educators, you are respected and appreciated.

Do we have the will to examine and question our behaviours and their impact on others?

Thanks to Netflix, I watched this brilliant film over the weekend. I was struck by many things. Yes, it had all the emotions – happy, sad, courage, loyalty, generational parallel lives, hope, adversity, ignorance, acceptance, bullying and likely many more. Overall, it left a feeling of hope, that’s it’s ok to be your authentic self and life can be fun if we drop the judgements we give others – without even speaking with them.

I originally wrote this for my LinkedIn in page. Why? because the film is a place of work comprising actors, camera crew, runners etc as is the school central to the film’s theme. Without the Emotional Intelligence to accept all work colleagues – direct reports, peers, line management, clients, supply chain etc in all sectors, as well as recognise and understand how our emotions, thoughts and behaviours impact others, businesses and their people will never thrive.

As the credits to the film rolled, we see the ‘real’ Jamie Campbell and his mum Margaret from County Durham who the film was based on. A three part documentary in 2011 featuring Jamie and his mum’s fight for him to be allowed to wear a dress to his secondary school prom.

For me, the most poignant feeling I got from the film was how little has changed. Ten years since the documentary on Jamie’s fight to be authentic yet we don’t seem any further forward. In the film, Jamie’s guide to becoming a drag queen is Hugo played by the brilliant Richard E Grant. Snapshots of Hugo’s life as a drag queen during the explosion of AIDS, had parallels with Jamie’s fight and illuminated the lack of acceptance today.

With training in how our behaviours impact ourselves and those around us, change is possible – but only if we want it.

Final thoughts – the film ended with a real shift in change of attitudes by many. I wonder how much more businesses would grow if they looked at the behaviours and impact of all within…..

Employers – seek new talent a better way…

With a seven year track record of success, Growing Talent has nurtured hundreds of unemployed people into permanent jobs.

Employment is the core tool for social mobility. Education enhances the journey and outcome.

Growing Talent works with unemployed people from all backgrounds who have a hunger to work but not the confidence and self-empowerment to secure work in the traditional way.

CVs, job descriptions, formal interviews are not allowed on Growing Talent. Instead employers select via informal events based on their vision of an individual’s potential to fit with their role.

Confidence, self-empowerment start to flourish on the combined orientation and holistic week when workshops, projects and presentations are focused on communication, conflict management, team work, solution finder, basic financial management, nutrition on a budget, art, wellbeing accredited mental health and wellbeing training.

Commaraderie naturally spreads building strong network connections before empowered, confident people go on site for a period of in role training with their employer and team. An audit trail enables self evaluation and progression.

This process enables both parties to evaluate each other, confidentially seeing the potential in each. On completion, each is confident the match is right.

Flexible and adaptable, Growing Talent can run virtually as well as in-person. Diverse roles filled include reception, welcome hosts, hospitality, administration, recruitment, document management, reprographics, junior HR and accountancy roles amongst others.

Cost to employers is zero. What’s not to like?

If you have a permanent vacancy you are looking to fill, why not consider Growing Talent?

Talking toolkits…

Most of us have a toolkit at home for fixing loose screws, hanging pictures, fixing leaks with an array of tools appropriate for each job.

Those car owners amongst us will also have a car maintenance toolkit – spare bulbs, cleaning materials, screen wash etc.

But how many of us have a wellbeing toolkit for looking after ourselves?

Why do we think looking after ourselves is a luxury/selfish?

If we don’t look after ourselves, how can we support work colleagues, family, friends, community groups etc?

So, if you haven’t got a Wellbeing Toolkit, consider starting one and using it regularly every day. Short windows of 10minutes or so focusing on us builds resilience.

Keeping to the same times each day to practice our self-care will build an automatic habit after three weeks.

We will be stronger in mind and body.

Why not check this video out and consider what you would put in/add to your Wellbeing Toolkit…

Pressure on?

Work, family, friends, community, Government, politics, world events – there are multiple, never ending sources of pressure, which if we are not careful to recognise, face and deal with, can turn into a much worse situation for us, our family and friends.

The stress investigation bucket is a tool I’ve been teaching for many years. It remains as effective today as it was back then.

Watch the film to find out more…….

….. and let me know what you think!


Talking yourself out of doing what you know you’ve got to do.

Our minds naturally amplify the negativity of what we fear. Trouble is, what we fear is what we care most about. We end up doing nothing, never move forward and beat ourselves up on our ‘failure’ to act.

Try this simple exercise next time you face the procrastination fog….

Let me know what you think………..

Be the master of your mind and stop your mind being the master of you!

Sign of the Times?

I found myself walking down a road of high-end victorian/edwardian houses today and come across the sign shown in the feature photo.

We’ve heard a lot recently about the lack of crafts people learning bespoke trades to maintain our heritage – museums, manor houses, historic buildings.

Apprenticeships in these areas are long and low paid – but the rewards once qualified – knowing you have played a part in conserving history- must feel powerful.

There’s little interest, it seems, in apprenticeships for stone masonry, stained glass construction etc – meaning a bleak future for these amazing buildings built WITHOUT power tools – let that blow your mind for a moment.

How could buildings be constructed with elaborate stone carvings without the use of drills etc hundreds of years ago? Here’s another thought, if one of these buildings was being constructed today – would it last as long?

The sign gave me a few emotions:

  1. How proud must Bryan be of his daughters?
  2. How proud do Bryan’s daughters feel to have completed that bespoke studying and form the family firm?
  3. How amazing that girls are getting into these bespoke areas of conservation and restoration?

Maybe there is a future for our heritage after all!

Always training but always learning too!

Running Growing Talent (www.growing-talent.co.uk) – both classroom and virtual versions, as well as delivering bespoke workshops and accredited mental health/wellbeing training I know the importance of making sure I stay fresh and current through education.

I’ve written blogs previously on the short courses I’ve undertaken online during the journey of Covid 19. Now more than ever it feels critical to ensure all workplaces and their people have the tools to thrive not just survive.

With this in mind, I’ve invested in the renowned global programme – Genos – Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification. I love their strapeline ‘ Game changing for business. Life changing for people’.

This is an eight week programme with a robust material and audit process as you can see below!

Maya Angelou said “people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”.

This is so true. We can all remember how we felt – how people made us feel a strong emotion – years later. Whether the emotion was a positive or negative one, we remember how we were made to feel.

The power of communication is critical yet not taught at school, college, university or the home.

Communication is a fundamental building block of all the training I deliver from Growing Talent to Finding Your Why and other bespoke workshops. It’s also a key component in the style I deliver accredited programmes to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all taking part.

I’ve always believed it critical to think what I am going to say, how and where I’m going to say it, who am I going to say it too. Will they receive it as I intended?

There is so much to communication, it’s a gift we never master. But we can strive to continually learn.