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Jane has delivered mental health and wellbeing training to both staff and students. These are very sensitive audiences. I only entrust them to trainers I have faith in. The feedback I have received from Jane’s sessions has justified my faith. It is always very positive. It’s clear that Jane delivers training in an engaging and effective way. This ensures the content is both remembered and applied – a crucial outcome. I intend to book Jane as a trainer again and I have no hesitation in recommending her work to others. Personal view of client Paul Wilson, Staff Wellbeing Manager at Cardiff University.

“I had the pleasure of getting onto this program and working with Jane at Growing Talent. Since the whole job market has changed after Covid, many people struggle with finding themselves or finding their confidence for looking for a job. Growing Talent gives this confidence back to people, who are talented, keen and willing to work but maybe they are just not visible enough to employers. Instead of going through the same old recruitment process of sending CVs, trying to stand out from thousands of resumes, catching employers’ attention in 6 seconds (which often feels like a battle), at Growing Talent your resume is your personality, your charisma, energy and you have the opportunity to show & talk about yourself the way you want the employers to know about you. Great companies give you their time and attention in a fun event that can actually lead to your next amazing role. And the best thing is that Jane guides you through the whole process, making sure that you are prepared and perform at your best. This is such a unique experience that could benefit more companies and candidates – l wish more organisations would operate this way! Thanks to Growing Talent, many of us had the chance to step into a pool of great opportunities.” March 2023 Fruszina, joining SPS via Growing Talent

How we show up matters.

I help individuals and businesses to become more emotionally intelligent ensuring they thrive, not just survive.

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