Creativity and innovation flourish when our minds are wandering and not bogged down by the ‘noise’ of everyday life in our heads.

Sometimes tools we usually go to such as breathing and visualisation don’t work. Instead a physical distraction can be massively cathartic to calming our mind.

Pablo Picasso, famous 20th Century artist said “Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul”.

‘Art’ can be anything! Writing affirmations and posting them around our homes and/or carrying them around with us is empowering. Doodling, sketching family/friends – the options are endless. This empowerment can be amplified when we add colouring to our art.

Why not try doing your own affirmation poster and colouring it in? All you need is a pen and paper. Below is one I started earlier:

There are multiple commercial colouring books on the market if you want something a little more professional:

Inside example of the colouring book above.

The mediums for colouring are vast as well from pencils, felt tip pens to oil/watercolour paints from very economical prices to the luxury end.

Art in all its forms is accessible to everyone.

Will you give art a try? Let me know…