Breathing – easy right?

We all do it automatically. We even do it when we’re asleep so of course it’s easy, right?

Automatic breathing is easy, but not always effective.

Breathing mindfully takes time and practice but the benefits are awesome for our mind.

Building in mindful breathing to our busy schedule every day (I hear your protests but no one is busy for the WHOLE 24 hours) over time will become automatic, deliver a better, healthier way of breathing which increases our wellbeing, energy and resilience.

There are multiple apps and gifs which can be downloaded free of charge for both iOS and Android. Check out your App Store.

Meanwhile, a couple of tools I use and share in my training programmes are Nose Hair & Visualisation:

Nose hair – most of us hate it as we grow older. It seems to get longer! When we can’t grow hair so well on our heads, it seem to grow very well in our nose! Joking aside. Nose hair is our friend. Here’s the science bit:

  • Noses are a direct passage to the brain
  • Nose hair is the body’s natural filter of pollutants so the oxygen reaching our brain is a much better quality than the oxygen we get from breathing in through our mouths.
  • Newsflash – we don’t have ‘throat hair’. There is no natural filter when we breath in and out through our mouths which is why we often wake up with a sore throat when we’ve slept with our mouth open!


  1. Find a quiet space
  2. Set the timer on your mobile for an initial 2 minutes. Increasing the timer gradually is easier to do than trying to do 10 minutes straight off.
  3. Sit on a chair with your back as straight as possible, your feet flat on the floor and your palms upright on your knees
  4. Keeping your mouth closed, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breath in for a steady count of 4 then out for a steady count of 8. Keep repeating the cycle until your timer goes off.

Whilst doing this technique, you will likely find your mind start to wander. This is natural. Just keep bringing the focus back to your breathing pattern.

Visualisation & breathing

Combining breathing patterns with visualisation can be really powerful. Visualisation focuses on all the senses distracting the mind enabling calmness to descend.


  • Find a quiet space with no distractions
  • Think of a place with empowering memories for you – maybe a favourite holiday destination or favourite walk
  • Close your eyes and take yourself to that favourite place. Bring in all of your senses – what do you hear?, what do you see? what do you feel?, what do you taste?
  • Whilst bringing in your senses, start your favourite breathing pattern. Remember what ever pattern you choose, make sure your breathing count is steady and not rushed and your mouth is closed!
  • When you feel completely relaxed, open your eyes and just sit for a moment.

Share with me if you try these and how they worked for you…..