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Some top tips for people often judged by their ‘labels’ to change their lives when they don’t know where to start. Based on my personal experience and the work I do.

Available in paperback (£9.99) and Kindle (£1.99) versions on Amazon.

Some thoughts from those who’ve read it:

“Hi Jane your book arrived yesterday. I started to read it and instantly your book became alive. I read the part about you losing your dad and how you kept going. There is such a lot of good tips for those with complex needs and of course Jane it’s like you’re in the room when I read your book.”, Margo – Civil Service

“Well done Jane! What an achievement; be proud of all you do and have done” Georgina, Clinical Psychologist

“Just started reading your book – WOW” – Phillipa, H&S Consultant

“It’s amazing and will help and inspire so many people. How exciting! I love the chapters which are full of information and the personal story of how you have resiliently created success for yourself.” Shennell – proof reader for this book as well as about to join the Cabinet Office staff.

“I’ve read your book and all I can say is get it on Kindle ASAP. It is so needed for the times we are in and has the tools to get you through the obstacles that may pop up in life” Kat.