Published Books

Like many people, the start of Covid brought a lot of uncertainty and a breeding ground for negative minds to overthink! As a distraction I started writing a fictional booklet of short stories for my grandchildren.

Usually everything I do is connected to my professional work so this was a step outside my comfort zone!

Of course, life got in the way and I never finished it. Recently, taking two of them on a trip to play jurassic golf it got on to the booklet and they asked I finished it.

So here it is. Each chapter is just a couple of pages and focuses on values and emotions. It’s a book that could ignite the imagination in all young children giving them the power to imagine.

Published 17 October 2022, What Now? is a question asked by many once they have completed training in Mental Health and Wellbeing.

How do you implement the training? How can you construct sentences which will deliver a positive, inclusive impact to those you listen to who may be experiencing emotional pain? How do you compose a boundary statement to maintain your own safety if the subject veers into an area that is raw to you whilst reassuring, validating and supporting to explore the right support for them? How do you build your own mind muscle?

So I devised this book to answer that question. With blank pages for your own notes and ideas at the end of each chapter, it’s intended to be an enhancing tool to your knowledge toolkit.

Let me know what you think.

Of course, some people like electronic books and colour – so the above book is also available now in electronic form:

Some top tips for people often judged by their ‘labels’ to change their lives when they don’t know where to start. Based on my personal experience and the work I do.

Available in paperback (£9.99) and Kindle (£1.99) versions on Amazon.

Some thoughts from those who’ve read it:

“Hi Jane your book arrived yesterday. I started to read it and instantly your book became alive. I read the part about you losing your dad and how you kept going. There is such a lot of good tips for those with complex needs and of course Jane it’s like you’re in the room when I read your book.”, Margo – Civil Service

“Well done Jane! What an achievement; be proud of all you do and have done” Georgina, Clinical Psychologist

“Just started reading your book – WOW” – Phillipa, H&S Consultant

“It’s amazing and will help and inspire so many people. How exciting! I love the chapters which are full of information and the personal story of how you have resiliently created success for yourself.” Shennell – proof reader for this book as well as about to join the Cabinet Office staff.

“I’ve read your book and all I can say is get it on Kindle ASAP. It is so needed for the times we are in and has the tools to get you through the obstacles that may pop up in life” Kat.