How I work with you…..

Each business is unique, as are their people. So it makes sense any training should be unique also.

Effective training solutions are identified and delivered when there is trust, understanding and knowledge between the business, their people and the selected trainer.

Below is my usual process when working with clients:

  • Initial brief to understand the organisation’s operations and view of issues as well as their desired results.
  • By agreement with the organisation, a confidential, virtual discussion with the team to understand where they are, what skills they feel they need and any thoughts they have.
  • A revisit discussion with the organisation to discuss findings and agree a menu of options to give the best return on investment and desired results.

There is no charge for the exploratory steps above.

Once a menu of options to use has been designed and agreed, delivery is undertaken to fit in with the organisation’s operations.

Evaluations are undertaken and shared with the client after each delivery session. Any tailoring is enabled as needed.

Periodical reviews ensures development, set goals are achieved thereby delivering a strong return on investment.