Suggested solutions

It’s well known, staff leave toxic managers and/or colleagues not the business. Yet so many employers don’t actively measure the emotional heat, behaviours and impacts within their workplaces.

Without measuring, assessing and developing behaviours, no amount of training nor incentives will deliver desired results. Instead, burnout and churn can be experienced. Costly for business and their people.

With some simple tools and processes, both people and business can thrive.

Want to know the emotional heat of your business? Check out the Genos Emotional Culture Index

Want to shift ‘ok’ performance to ‘great’ performance? Check out Genos International When OK performance is not OK.

Do you want to ensure the behavioural impact of your teams is positive? Check out the Genos Emotional Intelligence development assessments for workplace and leadership.

Want to proactively build resilience of your team and business to ensure positive mental health, wellbeing and psychosafety? I-act courses is the area to check out.

Looking for targeted area training? check out the example bespoke workshops. Each designed to meet the client’s and their delegates needs.

Not sure what is the right solution for your business? Contact me for a no obligation discussion.