Christmas means different things to different people.  Some embrace it.  Some hate it.  Others change it.  Why keep doing something that doesn’t nurture or empower you but makes you sad, angry, lonely or some other negative emotion?

This year, I’ve changed Christmas. It’s the start of my business reflection over 2021 and forward planning for 2022.  I will be going for a long walk in the fresh air and actively notice what I hear, see and smell as well as note how I feel.  

Reflecting back, I’m reminded how lucky I am to run a business which supports individuals to become the best version of themselves whether that’s getting a job which enables their social mobility, delivering i-act’s accredited managing and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing to managers from academia, NHS, manufacturing, corporate world or delivering one Genos International’s excellent development tools – Emotional Intelligence Development Assessments or the Science of Wellbeing.

Many people running their own businesses aspire to a retirement where they can do ‘what they really want to do but never had time to do’. I’m already doing what I love!

So, as this year comes to a close, I thank and recognise the amazing people who have been part of my journey in helping others in 2021:

Jon – from a global financial services organisation that has funded Growing Talent for the last eight years even during the traumatic years of Covid.  Growing Talent has seen over 260 people leave unemployment and secure jobs that have literally changed their lives securing varied roles in HR, accountancy, project management, hospitality, facilities management, business support amongst other sectors.

Anna and the teams at JobCentre Plus pan-London and Birmingham who have flexed their muscels to enable people of all ages and backgrounds to go forward to Growing Talent securing roles that really have changed their lives. 

Genos International & Genos Europe – especially Aoife, Deiric and Holly for the accredited training in Genos products and the continued guidance in using their systems to make a global difference to management across diverse sectors.  Thanks also to the global community I’ve worked with on Genos programmes – your generosity in sharing your local experience is insightful.

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Andy – National Account Manager for a global facilities company who has put all 25 of his management team through the Genos International Emotional Intelligence development assessments which has delivered many ‘light bulb’ moments for all of them. Also for cheerleading the power of i-act to his peers on other accounts spreading this unique tool to use on themselves and with their teams.

I-Act – Pete and the team for their dexterity in getting training packs to their destinations worldwide even when given little notice! Of course a big thank you to the delegates on all the courses I’ve delivered.  You’ve all taught me a bit about your industries especially thanks to Albert of a regional Ambulance Service for opening the eyes of every delegate to what working in frontline NHS means in these Covid times.

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To the Growing Talent alumni who send me messages of how they are doing years after they completed the programme.  It’s an honour to know how grateful they are for the support I gave when they needed it.  What they don’t realise is how grateful I am to be told this!

To the brave people who have had the confidence and trust in my integrity to share their deep worries and concerns with me as their listening ear.  I’m always here for you.

My husband who puts us with my working hours – definitely not 9 to 5 then switch off!

Employers like Jason involved in the first pilot of Growing Talent eight years ago still cheerleading the programme as a tool of choice for talent identification to all small, independent, sustainable businesses he meets. Hopefully we will be working with one in the New Year.

Check out for more information.

Rosie who continually takes on the media, design, advertising tasks for Growing Talent on top of her massive day job.

The empathy all of the above have for others is humbling and inspiring. I’m blessed to work with you all.

Of course, advanced thanks to everyone I will work with in 2022!  My focus is on a few key areas:

Collaborate with businesses to increase their success by enhancing their management teams through emotional intelligence assessments and coaching.

Support businesses to increase their workplace resilience through i-act’s Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing – the only global, accredited, proactive programme of its type designed specifically for the workplace.

Continue to help businesses identify diverse new talent – confident in their fit with existing teams and the business’s culture before the point of hiring through Growing Talent.

Remain a trusted listening ear 

The opportunities ahead are awesome and there for the taking for all of us.  Let’s close the book on 2021 and all the issues it brought to look forward to the bright new horizon that lies ahead in 2022.

Have the best possible Christmas for you and may 2022 bring you everything you hope for. Remember always just how awesome you are.

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