Do we disagree with the right people?

Headline:  Ivanka Trump cuts off Cosmo reporter after tough questioning


I always check the ‘moments’ section each time I go on Twitter.  It’s the quickest way I find to get snippets of news quickly.


The headline above attracted my attention as did the Twitter comments.  The crux of the story is Ivanka was questioned by a journalist on a statement her father Donald Trump made about parental leave only being open to women as they are the ones that have the children.  Her responses didn’t satisfy the journalist who kept probing. Eventually Ivanka left the interview.


Two things struck me about this.  Firstly the daughter defending her father situation, but more the second.  Was the journalist right to probe Ivanka on comments her father has made about potential future policies when she isn’t his media spokesperson, head of his policy makers etc.


Are children – even adult children – responsible for their parents actions/comments?


Do we always disagree with the right people or do we try to get the answers we want from the wrong people?

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