Mental Health – Be Prepared……………………….

I’ve written previously about IAPTs – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – a great resource for self referral with mental health issues- big or small.


I’ve used the local IAPT – SLAM – for several Growing Talent Associates with great results.  Not only did those involved get the right support but grew in confidence in all areas – true empowerment!


Now the NHS has an excellent service.  Just put your postcode – home or/and work into the home page and a list of Mental Health specialist organisations in that area will be shown.


The information on the website includes the organisation, location, ratings of users and whether you can self-refer or not.  If you can, you can click on the link shown and refer immediately via the on-line form.


Why not use the website to get some local organisations that can help for both work and home and keep the contact details in your mobile – best to be prepared!


Refreshing to see some real investment in the Mental Health arena.  Let’s see more!



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