Change – why do we resist it?

There’s a feature on about an option the NHS are considering to recoup money they are losing in treating foreign nationals.


Chris Wormald, permanent Secretary of State responsible for the NHS said whilst requesting photo ID of patients before treatment was controversial it is something they are considering.  Figures shown for 2014-15 illustrated £674 million was charged to the UK government for the care of British citizens abroad, but the amount charged for the care of EEA nationals in British hospitals was only £49m.


Meg Hiller MP and chair of the committee Mr Wormald was presenting to raise concern on British nationals who had no photo ID as they had never travelled abroad nor learnt to drive.


In these times of global heightened terrorist threat, maybe photo ID’s issued by local boroughs of central Government might be an answer.  Maybe instead of photo ID a full birth certificate showing parents details etc would help.


We don’t think twice about showing insurance details and ID if we need treatment abroad.  Isn’t it a good thing for everyone in the UK to be issued with photo ID not only for the above but also in their search for jobs?  Everyone has to prove their right to work in the UK when looking for employment.


Wouldn’t the cost of producing ID cards for all citizens who don’t have photo ID be a good thing?  More people would be able to secure employment as well as the NHS secure more funds they are rightly due.


We all want to be treated by the NHS when we or our loved ones are sick.  We want research into new drugs and treatments.  All of this costs especially with a continually expanding population.  Surely, the NHS has to look at all options not just housekeeping of their facilities.


If we do a job we expect to get paid.  Is it right to accept the NHS don’t always get paid?  What is the alternative of doing nothing?




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