Equality 4 Mental Health – will it ever be so?

Founded by Norman Lamb MP, Alastair Mitchell & Andrew Mitchell MP to raise both awareness and resources of all experiencing mental ill health.


Just a year ago they brought together 250 leaders from business, trade unions, the arts, music, sport, education, health and politics, to demand equality for all who suffer particularly in receiving timely, appropriate help and support.


In her speech on the day she became Prime Minister, Theresa May said ‘if you suffer from mental health problems, there’s not enough help to hand’.  So there is clearly high level support to do the right thing.  But will change happen?


Equality 4 Mental Health are submitting a statement to the Chancellor to include in the Government’s Autumn Statement.  This coupled with the substantial support they have recruited and that of 9 former Secretaries of State for Health, Chair of the Health Select Committee, former CEO of NHS England as well as senior government officials.


Some of the points included in Equality 4 Mental Health’s statement include:


  • Cuts to budgets need to stop
  • Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 – 3 times higher than women
  • People requiring support from Mental Health professionals are often shunted across the country – there needs to be more local support,
  • Support for children and young people is woefully inadequate and has infact gone backwards over recent years.  75% of this age bracket do not receive any help.  Children/young people’s mental health services receive just 0.7% of the total NHS budget.  In the first year of promised additional investment only £143m was allocated from an expected £250m!
  • Children & young people with eating disorders and mental illness are not receiving treatment early enough.
  • Research continues to lose out with just 5.5% of research funding.


There are other damning points in the statement.  I wonder if despite all the good intentions and support from establishment members if money will win out.  I.e. will budgets be slashed along with services and support?


Or, for once, when it’s really essential, will we do the right thing and invest?


I know which I am hoping for………. what about you?

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