Awards – do they honour the right people?

I’m attending the PFM Awards tonight at The Brewery as a guest of a client who is a finalist for two categories.  Well deserved in this case.  The client really does value all of their employees and engages with their own clients as though they were one organisation.


Reflecting on the day – and evening – ahead, I thought back to all the awards I’ve attended – prestigious ones at the Royal Albert Hall to smaller, more unique awards at the Law Society.  Having been the recipient of many awards over the years for employment and mental health, I’ve watched many companies receive awards where none of the people who do the work which has secured the award are present!  It’s Directors and CEOs who largely make up the delegation few of whom embraced the work but let it go ahead as a ‘tick in the box’ for CSR.


How do the employees who actually do the work get the recognition they deserve?  This work is often additional to their ‘day job’ and usually encroaches into their personal time.  They do it because they love it and know they make a difference.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have those that present the award entries to judges in the audience of a black tie event to feel special and recognised even for one evening?


Let’s hear it for those unsung heroes………………….



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