It’s all in the words………………

I’ve had someone working with me all week on work experience.  This was his second and final week before returning to school.


His first week was spent with Honeywell working with different members of the team in admin roles.


This week, he has supported me in running Growing Talent.  I noticed how conscious he was when talking with people.


Which fired a question in me.  How and when do we learn how to start networking?  That ease of everyday conversation which is essential in employment?


Parents don’t teach it.  Schools don’t.  Is it down to employers?


For the final morning, Chad had the task of approaching everyone in the open plan office and asking them ‘who they are, what they do and one interesting thing about themselves.’  I’m not sure who was more uncomfortable – Chad or the others!  But what was clear – even for Chad – was how easy it is to do and how strong business relationships can be built.


Chad discovered someone who played bass and one who had been a tap dancer – I never knew these facts in the three years I have worked with these people!


Maybe practising how to approach people, strike up a conversation and then develop those conversations into contacts and strong relationships is something we most definitely need to teach in education but also employers for those entering the workplace for the first time or after a long absence.


Chad did a great job.


What do you think?

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