Employers – seek new talent a better way…

With a seven year track record of success, Growing Talent has nurtured hundreds of unemployed people into permanent jobs.

Employment is the core tool for social mobility. Education enhances the journey and outcome.

Growing Talent works with unemployed people from all backgrounds who have a hunger to work but not the confidence and self-empowerment to secure work in the traditional way.

CVs, job descriptions, formal interviews are not allowed on Growing Talent. Instead employers select via informal events based on their vision of an individual’s potential to fit with their role.

Confidence, self-empowerment start to flourish on the combined orientation and holistic week when workshops, projects and presentations are focused on communication, conflict management, team work, solution finder, basic financial management, nutrition on a budget, art, wellbeing accredited mental health and wellbeing training.

Commaraderie naturally spreads building strong network connections before empowered, confident people go on site for a period of in role training with their employer and team. An audit trail enables self evaluation and progression.

This process enables both parties to evaluate each other, confidentially seeing the potential in each. On completion, each is confident the match is right.

Flexible and adaptable, Growing Talent can run virtually as well as in-person. Diverse roles filled include reception, welcome hosts, hospitality, administration, recruitment, document management, reprographics, junior HR and accountancy roles amongst others.

Cost to employers is zero. What’s not to like?

If you have a permanent vacancy you are looking to fill, why not consider Growing Talent?

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