Day 4 #MHAW 22 – Challenge – Are you Up For it?

How often do you challenge your thoughts?

Do you ever ask yourself “is this feeling or fact”?

Why is this important? Our minds are powerful tools designed to protect us but there’s a key flaw.

The flaw is this. Our mind amplifies risk without any rational on whether the risk is real or not.

Example: Think of the last time your were in a car driving on the motorway and another driver cut in on you. What were the thoughts within the car you were in? Calm or angry?

99% of people would say anger.

There is no reflection about the intention of the driver who cut in. Were they being a thoughtless driver? Or did they have a sick child in the car they needed to get to hospital?

How often do we challenge our thoughts and ask ‘is this fact or feeling’?

What would happen to the emotions in your car if when a driver cut in you challenged your mind and said “is this thought or fact”?

We have the power to train our minds to challenge our thoughts and not accept feelings as fact.

Are you up for the challenge?

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