Growing Talent Interest …….Grows!

Funny how things can change so quickly.  After months of trying to get interest for Growing Talent out into the ‘wider’ world I almost thought it wouldn’t happen.

However, yesterday I had a quick meeting with the global Firm’s media team – who totally love the whole aspect of business supporting people into work giving them skills to enhance their long-term careers not just the employment skills of turning up on time etc along with all the mentoring etc that Growing Talent delivers.

Ideas were buzzing on how to get the website known to both businesses looking to recruit and the unemployed looking for a job.  The energy round the table was almost touchable!  We have a plan in place now to put on social media as soon as it’s live.  This should be Christmas week just in time for those post celebrations when we all start thinking of new opportunities, changing our lives and making plans.

Hopefully I will have lots of stories to share on this blog going forward of the wonderful achievements of those involved and some stories on what happens to those who don’t make it.

One of these is Ariane who didn’t enjoy her placement nor want the job on offer at the end.  She left and secured an internship with Milestone Group in Royal Exchange.  This organisation does many things around marketing, design etc. They also run a programme for young people disillusioned with life and try to give them a different view.  Ariane has linked us up and we’re having a chat this morning to see if we can work jointly.  Although it didn’t work out for her, Ariane is clear on the value of the programme – great for me to hear!

I already have 10 jobs pledged for the next Growing Talent programme.  With the social media exposure over the coming weeks, by the time we kick off we will have many more!

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