Social Media – is ‘social’ the right word?

The rapid growth of users to the social media platforms has exploded in recent years.  It’s now acceptable for mobile phones to accompany us everywhere – and I mean everywhere!


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people clearly on their mobiles in toilet cubicles!  Hygenic? Courteous to the caller?  If it’s private, why not go outside the building?


How rude the shoppers refusing to hang up their call whilst trying to pack their shopping, pay the cashier whilst balancing their mobile under their chin!


Is this civilised communication?


Like a free coffee whilst shopping in some chains, it seems something we never thought we’d need, but very quickly some can’t do without!


Over recent  months I’ve attended various meetings/conferences where social media is clearly a double edged sword.  There was the mum who highlighted her daughter had been bullied 24/7 to the point of suicidal thoughts – even moving school didn’t arrest this evil pursuit.  Then there is the fledging business that after meeting with professionals and learning about Search Engine Optimisation, they increased their social media activity and saw their ranking on search engines increase rapidly.


Then of course, delivering training I notice how many people bring their phones with them.  Rudeness, presenteeism etc don’t seem to enter their heads, so without trying, they give a really bad impression of their commitment, enthusiasm etc.


What prompted this reflection?  Seeing on the news JD Weatherspoons has closed all 900 social media accounts as well as their 700,000 strong personal email database.  The reason they give is they don’t like the compulsive use of social media, the trolling and so on.


It will be interesting to see if other companies follow this action and if JD Weatherspoons re-activates their accounts in the future.


There is something in ‘compulsive’ use – how many people do you know who go out with family/friends and then spend the night texting? or the colleague who insists on taking their mobile in meetings?


Maybe we really should be conscious of our use of this technology…..


Simon Sinek the British American Motivator, Business Consultant and excellent public speaker has a number of films on YouTube.  Below is one on millennials which brilliantly illustrates the impact of the technology/social media……


What are your thoughts?  Do we need to be more disciplined in our use of technology/social media?



The social media feature photo is by Geralt.

Getting Growing Talent out there…………………..

Shamefully, I’d always thought people working in media, advertising agencies etc were ‘lovvies’ who didn’t really work that hard.  How wrong was I!

I learnt so much in the second meeting with the media agency yesterday.  Publicizing something is a science!  The cost for paper adverts is astronomical.  Where do you start with social media – it’s like a black hole!

Thankfully Initiative know what they are doing.  Lots of ideas and options were buzzing around the room.  It’s so difficult to put Growing Talent into a box.  It needs to be highlighted to both employers and the unemployed.  Unfortunately, they rarely look in the same medium.  This is quite a task we’ve set Initiative.

The Christmas break will give time to think about different options.  Looking forward to the next meeting in January to see the three ideas – Bronze, Silver and Gold versions – from Initiative – what a great name for a media agency!

Growing Talent Interest …….Grows!

Funny how things can change so quickly.  After months of trying to get interest for Growing Talent out into the ‘wider’ world I almost thought it wouldn’t happen.

However, yesterday I had a quick meeting with the global Firm’s media team – who totally love the whole aspect of business supporting people into work giving them skills to enhance their long-term careers not just the employment skills of turning up on time etc along with all the mentoring etc that Growing Talent delivers.

Ideas were buzzing on how to get the website known to both businesses looking to recruit and the unemployed looking for a job.  The energy round the table was almost touchable!  We have a plan in place now to put on social media as soon as it’s live.  This should be Christmas week just in time for those post celebrations when we all start thinking of new opportunities, changing our lives and making plans.

Hopefully I will have lots of stories to share on this blog going forward of the wonderful achievements of those involved and some stories on what happens to those who don’t make it.

One of these is Ariane who didn’t enjoy her placement nor want the job on offer at the end.  She left and secured an internship with Milestone Group in Royal Exchange.  This organisation does many things around marketing, design etc. They also run a programme for young people disillusioned with life and try to give them a different view.  Ariane has linked us up and we’re having a chat this morning to see if we can work jointly.  Although it didn’t work out for her, Ariane is clear on the value of the programme – great for me to hear!

I already have 10 jobs pledged for the next Growing Talent programme.  With the social media exposure over the coming weeks, by the time we kick off we will have many more!