Take a minute to think…..

16 October 2017 is #WorldFoodDay – a time to reflect on the food hunger in the world.  Do any of us in the West equate ‘spoilt’ food we had brought on the basis of ‘I might cook……’ with hard cash?


I know I don’t when throwing food away.  A lettuce past it’s ‘use by’ date goes in the bin and with it the £1+ I paid for it!  Whilst the outer leaves might be spoilt, the inner ones could be fine.  But I don’t check before throwing it away.


We absolutely need to be mindful of our health and the foods displaying ‘use before’ but why do we automatically throw it away instead of using our senses to check it’s not good to eat?


May be a better way is to shop mindfully.  Plan the week ahead’s menu and stick to it!  Buying only the ingredients for each.  Minimum wastage = efficient spending!


Of course, never shop on an empty stomach!  Like me you’ll end up with a basket of overpriced, processed, nutritionally questionable snacks!


Can we make small changes to deliver collective big improvements on our pockets, health and the environment around us?


Maybe it’s time to change……….

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