Exports in the sky…..

They say you learn something new every day…Totally true for me today.

Watching the news channel this morning I stumbled across an interview with the CEO of Heathrow Airport talking about the negative impact Coronavirus has caused. This wasn’t startling news for me. We all know only too well how much business and people are hurting all around the world. Even with the welcome news of vaccines, there is still a long journey ahead of us.

What I found amazing was John talking about Heathrow Airport being the biggest port in the UK. Really? Apparently, 40% of all UK exports leaves via Heathrow Airport. 95% of this is via passenger aircraft. The pandemic has seen an 88% drop in air transport. In November 2020 there were 1 million flights instead of the normal 7 million.

To bring this into context, John gave the example of goods going to Mexico City. Pre-pandemic there would be two flights a day – making exports relatively accessible and cost effective. Now there are just two a week – causing an immense financial burden.

The pressure on staff, families and businesses resilience must be unbearable taking all their strength and ingenuity to find ways to keep going. This is even more difficult when faced with illogical Government restrictions.

Take the removal of the Canary Island from the air corridor this week. When the were added in November – their infection rate was higher than it is now. Instead of judging each of the islands on their own stats as they all have their own airports etc, they are judge on just one islands massive spike – Tenerife.

Those who had booked a break in the sun to Lanzarote or Grand Canaria now face additional costs to isolate on their return or cancel their holidays and lose their money adding more pressure and stress to their lives..

Is there a better way?

I know next time I fly, I’ll be wondering what cargo we’re carrying apart from luggage!

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