HIV Testing Week

I never realised there was such a thing as HIV Testing Week until watching Sky News and an amazing interview with Ian Green of Terrence Higgins Trust and George a student – diagnosed in 2018.

What surprised me was the dimming of the spotlight on HIV/AIDS since it’s devastating emergence on the world’s stage in the early 80s. Ian was around at that time and said the information commercials were fit for purpose for the time, however, over recent years there has been little information for the younger generations.

Knowing that HIV/AIDS is not curable but with massive developments in science, learning and treatments, people can live a long life with HIV/AIDS and no longer pass it on to partners. But what shocked me was the lack of sexual health education for our young people. George explained he knew nothing about HIV/AIDS until he got it.

Whilst both Ian and George were positive about living with HIV/AIDS the fact that we aren’t talking about sexual health in schools, colleges and universities is shocking to me in the 21st Century.

People can only make good judgements and choices if they are given all the information available. Why do we feel it’s ok to ignore HIV/AIDS again?

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