Stepping outside my comfort zone…..

I am always telling the people I work with to step outside their comfort zone and do something completely different.

Previous books I have written, social media posts etc have all focussed on my professional work – never personal.

When Covid hit and the world was engulfed in a veil of uncertainty and fear, I started a project which would lead to me stepping out of my comfort zone almost two years later.

With all the noise of negativity globally about covid, the introduction of testing, masks, lockdowns, isolation etc, even my usually positive mind started to veer towards some negative thinking.

To demolish these thoughts and build stronger mind muscle I decided to write a fictional booklet for my grandchildren focussing on values and emotions by time travelling through history – ancient and recent – meeting trailblazers in these areas.

I never intended to publish it. With the retreat of covid and the re-ignition of everyday life, I put the project to one side and ‘got on with things’.

On a recent trip out, the unfinished booklet came up. The grandchildren asked I finish it. So I did. And then I stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit more and decided to publish it on Amazon so they can always see their book and know it’s for them.

The chapters are deliberately short with activity pages at the end of most and some pages at the back for journalling. Grandparents, parents and children themselves can read the stories and ignite their imagination.

Something happens as we grow from children to adults. The power to imagine and dream seems to fall into the background. Isn’t that a shame?

The index page below:

A typical activity page:

It’s said everyone has ‘a book in them’. Whilst you won’t make money publishing your book on Amazon, it doesn’t cost you anything and how awesome is it to say “I’m a published author…”

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