Prince Ea – sums it up beautifully……..

I’ve always been amazed at how dependent we are on social media.  We have generations who can’t live without their mobiles to access social media.  Surprisingly, it isn’t just the young either.  I often see middle aged men and women just missing lamp posts and other obstacles because they are texting!

The scariest times are when people are texting very close to the platform edge having just got of the train.  No sense of danger.  no ability to wait five minutes.  Are the messages we get really that urgent that we have to put ourselves in harms way?

In Dubai last year, a whole family were walking around Dubai flicking through their mobiles!  Not talking to each other.  Not taking in their surroundings.  What a crazy world.  Does anyone talk to each other anymore?

One of the Growing Talent Associates found this film link.  Brilliant lyrics.  Thought provoking on our behaviours.  What do you think of it?