The pitfalls of sharing too much knowledge with potential clients……………..

It’s a difficult balance when meeting a potential new client between giving them too much insight to your expertise and not enough.


I have worked in employment for decades – well, 2 at least! and the mental health arena for 6+ years.  So I think I’m a good judge of character – but am I?


Over the almost three years I have had my consultancy I’ve openly and readily shared by ideas and knowledge.  This approach has gained good relationships with new clients.


A few months back, I was approached to meet with a software organisation who wanted to increase their training and support for their time challenged staff.  We discussed various options and I left them with three pages of workshops I run, tasks and challenges as well as links to bespoke videos and websites.


My intention was to showcase my knowledge and the diverse tools I use.  Unfortunately, with hindsight, I had actually left them with the tools to run something themselves!


After hearing nothing for a couple of months, I got in touch to discover they had put something together and would get in touch if necessary!


Of course, they haven’t got in touch.


What is the answer?  I’m not sure there is an answer that covers all clients.  Consultants need to show what they can do and will always risk their knowledge being used against them.  Happily there is more integrity in business than this one particular organisation.


One happy thought I have is my knowledge is still helping their staff – even if I didn’t get paid for it!

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