The art of checking facts……..

It’s a human tendancy to jump to conclusions and believe everything that is written in the press.  After all headlines sell, does it matter if the content isn’t wholly correct?


Initially we could believe it doesn’t matter.  Usually it’s big companies or rich celebrities who find themselves the subject of such miscontext reporting.  They can afford to defend themselves in court if necessary.  But what of those caught up in the domino effect?


During the Orientation Week I run for Growing Talent the news story broke concerning an actress who worked with a temp agency inbetween jobs.  On one such job was for a hospitality outsourcer on a global firm’s offices, she was asked about the inappropriate footwear she was wearing.  The press and social media portrayed the situation as follows:


‘temp actress sent home without pay for not wearing high heals’.  This escalated and was featured on tv news stations and in various press features attracting celebrity backing over the weekend.


None of the facts came out:

  1. She was employed by a temp agency – whose name has never appeared in the press
  2. She arrived on site in trainers
  3. The flat shoes she had were inappropriate
  4. She was invited to wear a pair of the new shoes the outsourcer had in store – she refused


The domino affect is this.  One of the Growing Talent Associates was due to start with the outsourcer concerned.  She only had the one side view portrayed in the media.  She had no idea of the four points above nor the support and flexibility the outsourcer offers it’s staff.  She was highly reluctant to go forward risking the chance of  a well paid, permanent job.  Female staff can already wear plain black flat shoes, opaque tights compared to the flesh coloured general uniform, trouser suit instead of skirt suit.


After discussing all the facts, the Growing Talent Associate was a lot more confident and happy she was in fact joining a caring employer.


In instances like this, why does the media not support a blanket ban on all dress codes?  Why should children wear uniforms at school? why should air hostesses wear certain shades of lipstick? Why should Brietling be allowed to continue with their logo?  The list of questions goes on.


Shouldn’t we focus on giving all the facts to enable a balanced decision to be made?


What do you think?

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