Thoughts on the Orientation week from the Associates…..

“Without this programme, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to push myself enough to have gained the job role I have been offered.  It’s made me have more self-belief’


‘Jane was so welcoming, I feel I can speak to her about anything.  A truly lovely person’


‘The experience has been hugely beneficial for me.  I’ve enjoyed every part of it as well as meeting employers and learning their stories and making friends’


‘Jane’s a fantastic trainer, pleasant, friendly and made me feel really important and relaxed throughout’.


‘Thank you Jane, fantastic programme you run here!’

‘It was great’


‘definitely worth doing,  Great coming out of comfort zone.’


‘A real eye opener for me.  I’ve learnt a lot about myself and what I can do better’


“Jane’s amazing – very good at what she does”


“Brilliant experience – very different from what I expected. I’m more confident and able than I thought”


” I recommend this programme to others.  I’m very glad I joined the programme”


What great thoughts from the current GrowingTalent Associates……………..

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