What a great feeling…………

That warm glow we all feel when someone tells us we’ve made a difference to others………


Over the weekend I received the following from Raju who I did some training with several years ago………


Hi Jane, Just wanted to drop you a line and say a thank you for the Mental Health First Aid workshop you ran a few years ago. I receive a message from someone who I worked with who was going through a very difficult time. I was able to support them to get the help they needed and they are doing very well! It’s been something that I’ve realise is a vital skill to have so thank you very much!


If you are attending some training at work that you don’t particularly want to – be present.  You will learn something useful – even if this is not obvious straight away.


If you are an instructor, don’t be disheartened if on looking round the room you feel not everyone is engaging.  You are delivering important tools.  If just one person listens and puts into practice what you share, your job is done.  Be proud.


If, like Raju you’ve had a similar experience – do get in touch and tell the Instructor – it is like injecting the same feeling when the sun shines on our skin.


Make a positive impact.  Learn, Share, Teach………… even what feels like a really small impact can have a long lasting, positive effect!

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